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Mattress Discounters Near Waltham MA

If you search for Mattress Discounters Near Waltham MA you will find BoxDrop Burlington a local mattress discounter near Waltham MA.

Why break the bank to buy a mattress when you can have the same quality of mattress at a discount price? Look no further than BoxDrop Burlington; we have high-value and high-quality mattresses at great prices from brands like Royal Heritage, Sapphire Sleep, Nature’s Sleep, Diamond Sleep Collection, and Simmons.

We specialize in clearances and closeouts and buy directly from the manufacturers at discounted prices. This allows us to sell mattresses up to 30-70% off the retail price. We believe that you don’t have to pay a high price for comfort. A good night’s sleep is essential and we are here to give you the best mattresses at affordable prices so you can enjoy quality rest every night.

Our High-Value and High-Quality Mattresses

We run as an as-is mattress reseller for our suppliers. This means that we have access to thousands of surpluses, returns, discounted models, floor samples, slightly blemished products, closeout and overstock mattresses.

We give you a 90-day payment option after making a $50 downpayment with no credit needed.

Our Guarantee

We can give you the mattress that meets all your needs.

With the many mattress names and models that vary from retailer to retailer, shopping for a mattress is not easy. The industry doesn’t have wide standards and manufacturers are free to come up with their comfort levels from pillow top to tight top and firm to soft.

Our team of trained and knowledgeable staff gives you a straightforward service and answers all the questions that you may have on mattresses.

The team at BoxDrop Burlington is here to help you throughout the mattress buying process. We will listen to your requirements and guide you to your best fit.

Every mattress that we stock at our warehouse goes through a thorough quality checking process to make sure that our customers get clean, comfortable and well-made mattresses. We guarantee that every mattress that you buy from us is in the best condition possible.

If you are looking for mattress discounters near Waltham MA, visit our Stoneham warehouse to choose from a wide selection of:

  • Affordable and luxurious pillowtop mattresses
  • Super comfortable euro top mattresses
  • Firm mattresses that provide deeper sleep and comfort
  • Specialty sleep mattresses that offer maximum support

We are the best mattress resellers if you're looking for reliable mattress discounters near Waltham MA. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Pillowtop Mattresses

We offer a unique blend of luxury and affordability with our Pillow Top Mattress Collection. With advanced layers of comfort and support your best night’s sleep is just a call away.

Euro Top Mattresses

Necessity meets innovation with our Euro Top Mattress Collection. Not only stylish but designed to reduce pressure points and improve longevity, these super comfortable beds never leave you uncomfortable.

Firm Mattresses

Carefully selected foams and unique design techniques make up our Firm Mattress Collection. Unique to their predecessors, these beds are not just for achy backs. They also provide a deeper sleep and improve overall health.

Specialty Sleep

Explore our selection of highly crafted Specialty Sleep Beds. Engineered to reduce pressure points, decrease sleep temperature while providing max support and comfort for any body type.

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