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Discount Mattress Warehouse Near Burlington MA - BoxDrop Burlington

Mattress shopping is traditionally not an easy task but we make it easy by stocking some of the best brands for customers looking for a discount mattress warehouse near Burlington MA. Our discount mattress warehouse simplifies the process for you by giving you a selection of mattresses from highly rated brands. This process guarantees that you buy the best and most comfortable mattress at the lowest price.

We understand that a good day starts with a good night’s sleep. The only way to take on the world and stay confident is when we look and feel our best because we've had enough rest. Buying the right mattress for the job is about more than finding one that's comfortable, it’s about achieving a restorative experience during sleep. If you want to buy a new mattress for your new bed or to replace the old one, visit our discount mattress warehouse in Burlington MA.

We Are Your Local Mattress Store

The BoxDrop Burlington team is proud to serve our customers in Burlington MA. Our dedication drives us to meet the needs of our customers. Our fair prices have earned us a reputation as a trusted source of discount mattresses. Our main goal is to exceed the needs of our customers.

Quality and Affordable Mattresses

  • We have the biggest selection of discount mattresses in all of Burlington MA.
  • We specialize in clearance and closeouts and source our stock from leading mattress brands such as Simmons, Sapphire Sleep, Diamond Sleep Collection, Royal Heritage and Nature’s Sleep. This allows us to pass the savings straight to you, our customer.
  • We promise you that we will beat any competing mattress sale price in Burlington MA, to give you the best price possible.
  • There's no other mattress reseller in Woburn that gives 30-70% discounts on high-quality mattresses.
  • Our offers are year-round for customers who need a budget mattress in Burlington MA.
  • Buy with confidence at our warehouse knowing that you’re getting a high-quality mattress at the best price.

Our Team

Our team gives you the information you need to feel confident when buying a mattress. If you are searching for a discount mattress warehouse near Burlington MA, you most likely saw our many positive reviews on Facebook and Yelp. We’ll help you find one that meets all your needs, at the best price.
Visit our discount mattress warehouse to experience our exclusive mattress assessment. Contact our sales team to schedule an appointment.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment, call 781-999-2531.

Pillowtop Mattresses

We offer a unique blend of luxury and affordability with our Pillow Top Mattress Collection. With advanced layers of comfort and support your best night’s sleep is just a call away.

Euro Top Mattresses

Necessity meets innovation with our Euro Top Mattress Collection. Not only stylish but designed to reduce pressure points and improve longevity, these super comfortable beds never leave you uncomfortable.

Firm Mattresses

Carefully selected foams and unique design techniques make up our Firm Mattress Collection. Unique to their predecessors, these beds are not just for achy backs. They also provide a deeper sleep and improve overall health.

Specialty Sleep

Explore our selection of highly crafted Specialty Sleep Beds. Engineered to reduce pressure points, decrease sleep temperature while providing max support and comfort for any body type.

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